Mother & Baby

Universal Care Consultants provide young parents with the opportunity to enhance and develop the essential parenting skills needed to care for their baby/child and also support the young parent to be able to live independently thereafter.

Universal Care provides supported housing to young parents and this can be either within a shared housing environment or within Independent units. The accommodation is equipped to meet the needs of the parent and baby/child and the support promotes parenting skills, health education and the emotional needs of both parent and baby/child. The support is within a structured environment and is within the community in order to offer a true perspective of the parent’s ability to meet the child’s needs.

The assessment of the parent and baby/child placement will include areas such as, the parent’s ability to promote the safety of and for the child, emotional attachment and bonding with the child, ability to meet the child’s developmental milestones and the parent’s ability to offer stimulation to the child. The assessment will also explore the parent’s ability to give clear guidance and boundaries to the baby/child and to maintain this in their everyday lives.

The parent will also be given one-to one support sessions to address their needs and ensure that they are able to develop their parenting skills through training and practical support. These placements are low support with sleep in staff available where necessary

Parent and Child Placements (not subject to child protection plan)

  • Shared accommodation with more than one parent and child in a shared house or flats.
  • Single Unit is one parent and child having sole use of accommodation. This could be a House/ flat or bedsit

All accommodation is supplied furnished with gas safety checks complete.  Utility Bills, Council Tax, Maintenance of property, Insurance costs, Furnishing, Accidental damage to the property
Accidental damage to the contents is all inclusive within the cost.

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