Our Mission

Universal Care is an umbrella service that consists of several individual services that cater for the holistic needs of Looked after Children, Care Leavers, Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking young people, and Families. Universal Care works in partnership with other organisations to promote a seamless delivery of services.

We believe that all vulnerable people are unique regardless of their age, gender, ability, culture, religious orientation, social beliefs or sexuality and that all should be supported to achieve positive outcomes. Universal Care recognise that each family, young person or child has individual needs and offers services that are tailored to meet individual needs. We also recognise that individual needs must be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

‘The Universe is made up of a huge space that contains small and large particles, Universal Care like the universe is made up of experienced staff that provide a range of services to support the needs of children, young people, adults and families.’

                    Directors and Staff – Universal Care


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