Universal Care offers outreach to young people, vulnerable adults, families to promote them maintaining their lives and enable them in order to reduce dependency.

Universal Care believes that outreach support is a flexible peripatetic service providing or facilitating a range of medium to high support level interventions to young people and families living in their own homes or part of our supported housing schemes, with the aim of developing positive outcomes and maintaining independence.

Universal Care acts as a gateway assessing an individual or family needs and enabling access to appropriate services, both initially and in the longer term. The service is provided for as long as is needed however Universal Care feels that it is important to have a clear strategy and this is devised in partnership with the Referring Agent.

The outreach support offered is as follows;

 • Initial Risk and Needs Assessment

• One-to-One key work sessions

• Monthly progress reports on young person , vulnerable adult or families

• Mentoring Services

• Support in practical independence skills such as budgeting, cooking, DIY etc

• Support in setting up and equipping a home

• Support in Tenancy Management

• Signpost vulnerable person to outside support agencies as necessary

• Assist with any financial/arrears problems, including benefit applications and monitor progress

• Attend outside meetings and forums as deemed relevant to the service

• Assess the individual needs of disabled clients or clients with special educational needs

• Give guidance and advice in relation to homelessness prevention

• Emotional Support

• Practical Support

• Monitoring and meeting of young people and families

Outreach Worker to closely monitor, through home visits and contact with the service user where there is identified risk support would be undertaken jointly in order to minimise risk.

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