Universal Care ensures all employees and young people are able to access services….

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Family support

Universal Care provides mediation services in order to settle disputes. Mediation services  …..

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Universal Care undertakes a range of activities for children, young people and families…

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Universal Care encourage Referring Agent and Service User to make representation…

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How to refer ..

Now that you are familiar with the good work we undertake, below are the steps you can follow for referrals. Please do not hesitate to  Click here to refer! 


Need to refer ?

Universal Care accepts referrals made by the Local Authority Adult or Children Social Care Department for supported housing, outreach and family support.


How soon should I expect a response?

All referrals must be sent or received prior to Universal Care intervention to ensure that the adult, young person or family are matched appropriately to the placement or support provision.


What do i need to do?

To make an emergency or planned placement referral the Local Authority must complete Universal Care Consultants relevant form whether this be for a placement, outreach worker or use of our various services within our family centre. Once a service/worker has been identified and agreed then the Local Authority must then sign off a financial agreement in respect of the referral being made, in order for the service to commence.


What if i do not complete the form?

Universal Care has the right to refuse a placement if all information is not completed or accurate. These forms can be requested by telephone, e-mail or on this website. Please click the relevant link below to commence seeking services from Universal care Consultants. REFERRAL FORM